3 different uses for the tongue drum

There are many different situations and reasons why one might want to play a tongue drum. Not only is it a great Zen instrument, but it is also a tool for finding inner peace. In this article, you will learn about the different uses of the tongue drum.

Meditating with the Tongue Drum

Their pleasant and relaxing sounds create a soothing environment. The combination of meditation and tongue drums can be restorative. When drumming, you should be able to regulate your breathing to the rich melody you are playing. Find the best steel tongue drum here. 

The sounds are also focal points for your attention, allowing you to concentrate while your body and mind relax and lose themselves in the sounds of the drum. While you meditate and play, feel free to chant a mantra or harmonize with your voice.

Practicing yoga accompanied by the Tongue Drum

Another way to cleanse the mind and soul with the tongue drum is to incorporate it into your yoga practice. Listening to tongue drums while doing yoga is beneficial to your mental, physical and spiritual health. As with meditation, adding a steel tongue drum to your yoga practice helps improve intentional breathing and gives you a focus for your attention.

Music therapy with a Tongue Drum

Music therapy is another way to use the tongue drum. Music therapy and sound baths are both ancient and modern practices. Sound baths, for example, although their exact origins are unknown, have been used since ancient times in many different cultures. Meanwhile, scientists and researchers have gained a better understanding of how sounds and vibrations can enhance our lives. 

Certain vibrations can elicit physical and emotional responses. For example, some vibrations "train" the brain. The frequency of the instrument and our brain waves can synchronize, allowing us to concentrate and relax better.