How to do the dishes easily?

Tableware is the set of objects used to eat, to preserve and to present food. There are two common ways to wash dishes by hand: either by diluting the dish detergent in a sink or saucepan filled with water, or by squirting the detergent directly onto a sponge or dirty dish.

The steps to follow for a successful dishwashing

For successful dishes, it is important to know a few tips to do it easily. Visit the site for more information on how to wash dishes the easy way. Here is the detail of each step to simplify your task as much as possible:

  • Fill the sink or pot with clean hot water. Add dish soap to the water. Stack a few dishes at a time in the sink. Thus, this allows you to let them soak for a few minutes.
  • Start by washing lightly soiled items. Usually these are glasses, cups and cutlery. Wash these items first, then the plates and serving dishes. In general, dishes are easier to wash if you leave them under water while washing, while you are working, take each dish out of the water to check if there are any forgotten spots. Finish with kitchen utensils, pots and pans; if you soak pots with cooked food, washing will be easier.
  • Rinse off any mist and residue with clean, warm water. Rinse by soaking pans in the bowl or sink, then placing them under a stream or stream of hot water, or by placing them on a clothes rack and pouring or spraying water on them. If you have a double sink, use the second sink to rinse dishes.

The use of dry drying

Drying is much easier than using a towel. However, cleaning with a clean cloth is useful when glassware or cutlery is stained or covered with film. Make sure the wipe stays perfectly clean and replace it as soon as you get it wet. Paper towels are ideal for wiping pots and pans, especially if they have grease stains.