How to get an Uber cab in Cancun?

Just like eating, getting from place A to place B is a necessity. If before, walking was the only means of travel available, this is no longer the case today. In this era, several means of travel including the Uber cab are experiencing tremendous success. How to get an Uber cab in Cancun? What is the particularity of an Uber cab? Find below some answers to these questions.

How to book an Uber cab in Cancun

In Cancun, there are a large number of Uber cabs ready to accompany you on all your morning and evening rides. But to take advantage of this benefit, you should successfully book the TAXI. Contrary to popular belief, getting an Uber Cancun is not at all complicated. All you have to do is follow the process and you're done. To begin, download the Uber application on your smartphone. It is available on Play store for Android owners and on App Store for iPhone owners. After downloading the application, please open it. On the menu appears an icon ''clock'', click on it and indicate the date and time you want to move. Then, indicate the place where you are and your destination and press "plan Uber". Finalize your Uber cab booking by clicking ''finish'' to confirm.

What is the particularity of an Uber cab?

Uber cabs unlike other cabs, offers you, comfort, security saving time and energy. Indeed, with the advent of Uber cabs, no more need to stay hours in front of the sidewalk looking for a cab. Also, security is a must, as the cab and driver's information is recorded in a database accessible to the authorities. With Uber cabs, the customer can get around easily and at an affordable rate.