How to maintain your bathroom ?

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that must be maintained with great care, because it is synonymous with well-being and cleanliness. Nevertheless, to get rid of dirt and traces left by water and limescale, it is necessary to implement several tips. What are these tips? This article aims to provide you with details on this subject.

Cleaning tiles and removing mold and mildew

With the cleaning products that are available, including dishwashing liquids, tile cleaning becomes an easy task. For a successful maintenance, try this. Indeed, this product mixed with hot water in a sprayer is very effective.  You'll just have to use it to spray the wall or floor tiles in your bathroom and then leave it on for up to three hours. Then, scrub the surface with a sponge or a brush without forgetting to rinse the floor at the end. In addition, think about eliminating mold and mildew from the tile joints. These are actually unsightly black marks present on the joints of the bathroom tiles. By using a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide or half a lemon with coarse salt, you will restore the whiteness of the joints after cleaning them.

Eliminate bad odors in the bathroom

Bathroom drains often give off unpleasant odors in the room, whether it is clean or not. That's why the use of white vinegar is recommended to fight against these unpleasantnesses. Just pour it into all the pipes to eradicate bad smells thanks to its disinfecting power. In addition, prepare a mixture of four tablespoons of baking soda and boiling water. Then, pour this mixture into the trap of your shower, bathtub or sink to sanitize your pipes. On the other hand, get into the habit of washing your faucet regularly, as it is the inevitable seat of bacteria and limescale. Use lemon to restore its shine. In addition, clean the walls of your shower properly to remove traces of limescale. Finally, disinfect your toilet after cleaning it thoroughly.