How to repair your deck ?

Over time, it can happen very quickly that your deck deteriorates. When this happens, you need a professional's masterful hand to renovate your deck. If your concrete slab is sagging, cracked, or water is seeping through. We tell you in this article how to fix it.

Fixing cracks in a concrete slab

If your deck is severely damaged, call a mason or digger right away to find out details about what to do. But when it's a simple crack or cavity, you can repair your deck yourself. Get a bag of ready-mix concrete, a bag that consists of a float, trowel, cold chisel or brick chisel, chippings and crushed stone. With a cold chisel, break the deteriorated part. 
Then, widen the crack, the cavity a little. Remove the debris, if there is no base layer under the slab, dig a hole about 10 centimeters deep.  Bury it with crushed stones, bricks, and other pieces.  Pack it well and prepare the concrete ready for use. Cover the repaired area with plastic sheeting and let it dry for 48 hours.

Leveling a patio tile

Remove the tiles that are causing problems. Use a brick chisel for this. For leverage, use a wedge. In case the tile is resting on a bed of sand, put some extra sand. Use the trowel to spread it out and replace the tile. After that, tap lightly with a mallet. 
Be sure to check the horizontality afterwards with a spirit level. When laying on mortar, remove the residue behind the removed covering. Again, prepare ready-to-use mortar. Put a little in each corner of the tile and especially in the center. Tap gently with a mallet.

Repairing your deck therefore requires that you put some effort into it by implementing concrete actions. It is necessary to start by sealing the cracks and then leveling the tiles.