Is it possible to charge a PC without a charger?


The external rechargeable battery can also be used to charge a PC. It is a very good option for a laptop whose port is dead or for the one facing power supply problems. Nevertheless, when buying an external rechargeable battery, you should consider choosing one with a specific brand, but also adapted to your PC. Because the chances of getting it wrong are high, so be very careful!

Connecting the power outlet to the laptop battery

Do you have a laptop that you want to load without using its adapter for apple laptops? There are several ways to do this. Indeed, you can connect your laptop battery to a power outlet. Before continuing with the rest of the article, we would like to notify you of this: do not connect the cord of your old plug to your brand-new battery. Many people make this mistake, and it is a very serious one. In other words, if you make the same mistake, you won't get the full charge you need. If you want to get the correct charge you need, there is only one thing to do. Unplug your AC outlet from the computer while plugging the brand-new battery into the outlet. Please do not force or twist the connector or the battery could be damaged. The laptop computer would not be spared as well.

Plugging the laptop directly into the wall

Among the PC charging methods without a charger, this one is as effective as the previous one. All you have to do is plug your PC directly to the wall. To do this, this information will be of grandiose use to you. Buy a new external battery that can be fixed to the wall. It is essential that you buy an external battery with a capacity of at least 100 charges. Finally, the battery must have an outlet on the bottom.