Old Era, Crazy Year, Year 20: everything you need to know

Are you in love with the old era? You want to cultivate your intellect about the Roaring Twenties? You need to know some points about the era of the great parents? This article is intended to meet some of your expectations.

The fashion of the women of the 20's

The 20s are marked by the art deco style. Retro, glamorous, the clothing style of these years breathes chic and luxury, with outfits that shine with a thousand lights, jewelry, dresses and accessories of prestige. Therefore, to have a complete guide on how to have a fashionable woman look in your 20s, click https://the-roaring-twenties.com/

That said, from head to toe, women of the Roaring Twenties assert their femininity. Fluid fabrics, straight cuts for the dresses, notched hair and boyish cuts then worked, imposing earrings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, and round-toed pumps, are in the main lines of the look of a young woman of the 20s. Remember that during this period, the dresses sewn, are shortened to reveal the legs of women and leave a free movement for dancing. 

Therefore, the dresses of the 20s have straight cuts, necklines in front or in the back and are sensual. However, to complete their clothing, women of this time also accessorized their outfits with jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. As for the stars of this beautiful time, it is the pearl that is worn in the superposition of saltire. Moreover, the jewelry at this time is massive. As a description, one can have a big necklace with imposing stone at the neck and huge earrings.

The festive evenings in the Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties is a turbulent period, marked by a new aspiration to freedom and joy of living, by a great cultural and intellectual effervescence. It is also a questioning of the pre-war values and a moment of relief and reconciliation with the pleasures of life. The Roaring Twenties were above all a true cultural phenomenon, marked by creativity and exuberance. For this reason, the party is the watchword of this period, led by a youth intoxicated with hope, which wishes to have fun, live and especially forget the horror of the war. Thus, the festive evenings of the 20's are characterized by exuberance and grandeur, the glitter of the golden color and the mysterious darkness of black, all mixed with a touch of madness. That being said, at a party of this era, many dances are performed by the partygoers such as: the swing, the black bottom, the charleston, the lindy hop, the foxtrot, and the shimmy.