Tips for quickly creating your chatbot

Are you planning to create a chatbot (or bot) in order to make discussion proposals to your potential visitors and your customers ? Know that it is indeed possible, whether it is on your various social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and others. You just need to create your sculpin and you’re good to go. Here is a detailed article on how to create a chatbot.

The steps to create your chatbot

Step 1 :

 Specify the bot’s function Creating a chatbot is not easy it requires a good analysis of what you want to put in it. Please read this to find out more. So you have to do a lot of thinking so that you don’t have to deal with unpleasant surprises. Reason why it is important to define the house of your robot : 

• Customer service assistance, 

• Spontaneous responses ; 

• Prospects information ; 

• Facilitate the recruitment of candidates, 

•Order management ; So here is a range of missions that you can entrust to your 

conversational robot. Step 2 : 

define the conversational scenarios As soon as you finish with the tasks to be assigned, you will now move on to defining the actions your bot will need to take to achieve the objectives. If it is, for example, a mission to promote contact with a sales representative, he will therefore have to : 

• Determine the user’s need, 

• Identify the right salesperson, 

•Check their availability in the diaries, 

•Make an appointment, 

•Send reminders by message or notification. 

Step 3 : 

shape the identity of the bot It is important to give your bot an identity, so that it is particular to potential visitors but very friendly. Even if his physiognomy is not human, he must be courteous to them in order to promote interaction. It must have everything it takes to satisfy the visitor. For that, you must give it a name, first name, regularize its way of speaking, improve its graphic and semantic universe.

 Step 4 : Write the content :

 This involves writing the content that he will use for his discussions. You may be able to enlist the services of a professional writer to help you. Your content should be :

 • Be efficient and concise ; 

• Reflect the bot’s personality ; 

• Be as natural, and therefore human as possible. 

Step 5 : 

choose your site When choosing your site, you must take into account certain practical criteria :

 • How you want to use it ; 

• The resources you own. You have the possibility of managing the realization of your bot internally if you have IT resources to code it in python, JavaScript or PHP, to have it developed by a specialized agency ; 

• Your budget. You can set your budget based on your needs.

 Step 6 : 

test your chatbot Once you have created your bot, you must now test it and it is done on my site that you have chosen. By doing this, you will determine if your bot really masters : 

•The context, 

•The intention, 

•The emotions, 

• How to react to an informal conversation, 

• When to transfer the request to a human, etc. There you have your chatbot.