What do you need to know about chatbots?

For efficient customer management, many companies are creating chatbots. This new technology has been brought to the forefront by the prowess of artificial intelligence. Chatbots open up new and very promising perspectives not only in customer service, but also in sales and communication. They help companies to be more profitable. Let's find out the benefits of chatbots for a business?

What is a chatbot?

Still called a dialoguer or conversational agent, a chatbot is an agent that dialogues with a user. Research on this person-computer interface is influenced by the competition on the Turing test: giving the illusion that a program is thinking through a sensible dialogue. To find out how much it costs to create a chatbot, please click here. Indeed, a chatbot is a software program that can interact with customers and prospects, and simulate a conversation like a human being. There are mainly two types of chatbots: programmed chatbots and learning chatbots. Programmed chatbots are virtual assistants that are programmed to give a specific answer to a specific question. As for learning chatbots, they represent an artificial intelligence capable of learning and improving its answers as it goes along.

The benefits of a chatbot for an SME

The most notable advantage of a chatbot, is that it can do more things compared to a simple email or automated marketing tool. Chatbots are most often used for customer service. Their implementation has many advantages for SMEs. For example, the use of a chatbot : automate customer service boost sales; helps to know the customers; can influence purchasing decisions; increases customer engagement, etc.